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100impossible.com is now live!

Our event 2 Friday’s ago has passed, but the excitement has not. All the portraits are displayed in our space, the website, video, and book are now complete, and it’s all ready for your enjoyment!
Head over to the website that Tim and his crew designed, found here: 100impossible.com

Make sure you check out the video and book. You’ll love them both!

toys, toys, and more toys

You asked for it, now we have it!! Aperture’s Lomography line just added some very important friends to the party! Now in our Tremont store you will find your new BFF, just in time for Spring.

::SPINNER 360::
This is the big brother of all Lomo toys. Shoot 360 degrees with any 35mm film!! All it takes is one pull of the cord, then BOOM!


Dating back to the early 1960’s, the Diana is a cult legend. The new Edelweiss Edition is a faithful reproduction to the classic Diana F+… with a new look!

The world’s only 35mm camera with a built-in fisheye lens! It sees a sweeping 170-degree view – compacting everything around you into a compact circular image.

::DIANA F+ with FLASH::
Back in the early ‘60s, the Diana camera was a cult legend, famous for its dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images. The Diana F+ is a new twist on the classic – a faithful reproduction with lots of cool new features thrown in.

::HOLGA CFN 120::
The cult medium-format camera with a colour wheel that tints your exposures with yellow, red, blue or clear gels. Equipped with the “B” setting for long exposures.

::HOLGA 135BC::
The latest addition to the Holga pantheon is the mysterious Holga 35mm Black Corner. The secret is in its unique masking effect, offering you shadowy vignette tunnels at the edges of your photos – thus the ‘Black Corner’ moniker.

Instant Revival opens March 11th

We are starting to settle down from our 1Hundred Impossible Portraits event this past Friday. Tim and his crew are designing the website and movie, which should be ready very soon. Until then, we want to pass on some exciting news!
On Friday, March 11th, “Instant Revival” opens at Aperture! Instant Revival is ‘a therapeutic jolt of analog development to the affected heart. Featuring original work for the purpose of resuscitation’.
IR is a Polaroid exhibit featuring some of the regions best Polaroid photographers. Aperture is proud to welcome the likes of Kelly Knaga, Tim Logan, C.A. Long, Adam Mistzal, Taylor Mikal, Daiv Whaley, Joseph Minek, and Megan Drmota.
The show opens at 7pm on March 11th and will include food, drinks, music, and overall analog love!

::1Hundred Impossible Portraits::

Check out this great blog-post from Songbird’s blog

photo copyright Songbird


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