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Yes indeed, we’ve moved our blog to our (new) main website.
Head to www.aperturetremont.com to read the news, check the event page, and purchase what you wish.

Fanciful Fantastique: July 13th, 6pm

Fanciful Fantastique: New Work and Other Edens, features the sculptures and works on paper of Cleveland artists Jordan Elise Perme and Adrienne Slane. Inspired by the fantastic and ephemeral quality of curiosity cabinets, the two artists offer their own fantastic and curious creations that could exist in other versions of Eden.

Close friends since their days at The Cleveland Institute of Art, Jordan and Adrienne have turned their own studios into something of curiosity cabinets with collected items such as vintage taxidermy, butterfly specimens, and circus oddities. Their interest in collecting curiosities and nature specimens is reflected in their work.

Jordan creates quirky faux-taxidermy mounts of strange creatures using such materials as foam and wool felt. Soft, colorful creatures such as the Kittacorn and the Horned Pomphin seem to come from a magical world, one that is mostly playful and sweet, but also a little creepy at times. Adrienne creates collages and prints on paper as well as small sculptural works. Her work features fantastical scenes of females, plants, and animals collaged from vintage images and other materials as well as prints and sculptures of animals that are both curious and ephemeral. She creates her own version of Eden filled with things a little different than our everyday world.

The artists invite viewers to enjoy their fanciful creations and let their minds wander to fantastic and curious places.

We wouldn’t leave the photography genre out! Analog photographs of Jordan and Adrienne will be on display. Scott Meivogel visited both artists at their studios for a very unique view into their world.

Jordan’s Website: http://www.jordan-elise.com/
Adrienne’s Website: http://www.thelittlesunblog.blogspot.com/
Here’s the facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/444738962211848/ 

Analog’s Pulse fast approaching!

Yes indeed, it’s almost here! We’ll be updating the schedule of events early next week, but until then, we’re reposting the original info
found here: http://aperturetremont.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/analogs-pulse-a-weekend-in-cleveland/

Wedding Photos shot on 100% film

Aperture has a sister company. In fact, that sister company, Easywind Studio, came onto the scene about 7 years ago. Easywind is a wedding photography studio with great style and timeless images.
This past Saturday Easywind went out with a former bride, Kim, and had her get back into her wedding dress, so we can shot more photos. This time, we only shot film. We used a Canon AE-1 loaded with Ilford HP5 and Kodak Portra 160, a Rolleiflex with Fuji Acros 100, and a Polaroid 250 packed with some expired Chocolate film.

The results were outstanding, and it’s one small step towards offering some serious wedding packages that will be strictly shot on film.
Thought you might like to see the results. Here they are, on the Easywind Studio blog. If anyone is interested, give us a call. We travel very well.

A Sartorial Exposition. May 5th, 2012

Rifle Quality and Aperture presents A Sartorial Exposition… Custom Suits, Shirts, and Accessories.
Saturday the 5th of May, 6pm in the evening at Aperture.

Theodore Crispino, Esquire, is the best dressed man to sit for the Ohio State Bar since 1892. He is also a custom tailor of fine, fine men’s suits and accessories.
A Sartorial Exposition will feature Theodore’s work, fabrics, and ideas, plus analog and instant photography of his work, shot by his wife, Sarah Sloboda.
This is a not-to-be-missed show, and will be a show unlike anything Aperture has curated. This will not be the ‘typical’ gallery show, we can promise you that.

As early as 1860 the manufacture of ready-to-wear clothing became one of Cleveland’s leading industries. The famous garment industry reached it’s peak during the 1920s, when Cleveland ranked close to NYC as one of the country’s leading centers for garment production. Take a ride through Cleveland’s near east and west sides, and you can still see the warehouses and factories that made this industry what it was.

Balancing his law career with his love of tailored clothing, Theodore’s twelve years of New York City credentials place him amongst the most trusted resources in menswear.  In 2003, he co-founded a British-style men’s clothing store in New York’s Nolita, growing it from one small shop to four stores nationwide.
Designing everything from tweed suits to silk ties, his inspiration runs the gamut from Victorian-era top hats to 1970s Russian prison tattoos.
Rifle Quality, founded in 2010, combines his loves of the historic and the refined.
Theodore lives with his wife in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, where he serves on the board of directors.
Rifle Quality on the web.
Facebook event page found here.

Melanie’s Impossible Bachelorette Party

This past Saturday, Melanie and her girls came into Aperture before heading out into Cleveland for her bachelorette party.
They wanted to spend a few hours shooting Polaroids with Impossible’s new film, so after a 30 minute lesson, it was on!
The girls brought food, props, decor, wine, jello-shots, and amazing spirits. We brought out our best SX70’s and Spectra cameras, and loaded them with some PZ600, PX70, PX100, and PX680 film. This was the first bachelorette party to come into the store for such an evening, and I have to say, it was a total blast! Apparently is was Melanie’s idea to come in, so… Thanks Mel!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and great job on the photos girls!!

Dapper – A Distinct Photography Show -

Dapper – A Distinct Photography Show - opens at Aperture on April 14th.
This outstanding show will feature the work of Mat Marrash, who you may know from the Film Photography Podcast. Mat’s show at Aperture is a documentary exhibit on the world’s second oldest profession, barbering. Mat toured the Northeast and Midwest in search of old-school barbershops, and shot his images with an Eastman Commercial B 8×10″ camera. He then meticulously processed and printed each image in the darkroom, by hand. He used Ilford HP5+ film, and all the prints were made on silver gelatin fiber paper, then selenium toned for archival permanence.

This are some of the most unbelievable images we have seen in a very long time. Mat even made a special trip to the Barber College in Ohio City!

Dapper will run from April 14th to April 28th, with an opening reception/party on April 14th. Aperture’s opening receptions are always a blast!
The Facebook event page can be found here.

Analog’s Pulse… A Weekend in Cleveland

We heard the calls, now it’s ON!
June 29th and 30th, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Sponsored by A&A Studios, Aperture, Film Photography Project, and Old School Photo Lab.
3 Days of events, with an opening reception held at Aperture on the 29th. We are planning some super-fun events, walks, networking, and experiments, so get your cameras ready, bags packed, and make your plans to head to the City by the Lake!
Here’s the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/events/245579965536957/
Twitter #analogclev

Hotels in the heart of Cleveland, in neighborhoods where we will be spending most of our time:

-The Hyatt at the Old Arcade – Cleveland’s Best!
-Holiday Inn Express
All 4 of these hotels are less than 3 blocks away from the center of the city. Very walkable, very nice.
Food, drinks, and sleep are all within a 10 minute walk. Aperture is located within a 5 minute drive.
Parking on the street is FREE starting at 6pm Friday night, until 6am Monday morning. Just read the street signs, because if there is an event nearby sometimes parking is restricted. Also, sometimes the valets use certain spots on Friday and Saturday night. The Indians are out of town that weekend, so unless there is a big concert at Gund Arena, you’ll be fine on the street.
Cleveland also offers some very nice B&B’s, so don’t be afraid to go that route.

We’ll start Friday night with a social hour(s) at Aperture, where we’ll go over Saturday’s itinerary, meet one another, and listen to a great talk by Michael Raso
However, there are TONS of outstanding restaurants and bars in Tremont (where Aperture is located), so for those that want to stay in the Tremont neighborhood, we’ll be there with you. If you’re headed back downtown, East 4th Street is where you’ll find the best food and drinks. The Greenhouse Tavern and Lola are top-notch! Lola also has a sister restaurant in Tremont, called Lolita. East 4th Street offer’s modern bowling, comedy clubs, pubs, music, etc… So much to do you’ll never fit it in 2 nights.
In Tremont you have Dantes, Parallax, Prospertiy Social Club, Tap House, and The South Side. All amazing.
The historic neighborhood of Ohio City is a 3 minute drive from downtown and Tremont. There you can find The Great Lakes Brewing Co., Market Garden Brewery, Momocho, The West Side Market, and plenty more. These are all just food and drink… There are so many quality, unique, and local shops – it’s amazing!

On Saturday we’ll have a full day of fun, starting at 8:30am.
On Friday we’ll be hanging out at Aperture. Drinks and Music, along with a nice talk from Michael Raso, founder of Film Photography Project.
Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday:
8:30am – Meeting and coordination in a yet to be determined downtown location

9-11:00am – The SLIDE / XPROCESS walk. You will be given a roll of slide film (courtesy of A&A Studios) and we will head towards Cleveland’s Warehouse District. After shooting your slide film, you will have the option to give your roll to Jake from Old School Photo Lab. He will take your film back to their lab in New Hampshire, develop it, then ship it to your doorstep. The cost for the film + developing + shipping will be only $11.00

11:15-1:30pm – The INSTANT walk/contest. Film Photography Project will be there to lend some Automatic Polaroid Land Cameras, and we’ll have some Impossible Project, and Fuji Instant film for you to purchase. If you have your own Instant camera, please bring it. This will be a contest with the Grand Prize winner walking away with their very own, refurbished Auto Land Camera and a pack of film! Second and Third place winners will take home nice film packs. Each contestant will enter their ONE BEST instant photo, and the winners will be announced at the evening mixer. Your best instant photograph must be turned in by 1:45pm at a location to be announced.

1:45pm – Lunch at our preferred locations. We’ll be utilizing the E4th neighborhood and it’s outstanding eateries.

3:15pm-5:15pm  – The STREET PHOTOGRAPHY walk. Local Cleveland photographers, Dave Lam and Scott Meivogel will be offering their insight on the how to’s, plus a few tips on what makes a good street photographer. This is where you shoot what you bring. Use your favorite camera and film. If you need to purchase film, you can on Friday (at Aperture), or we’ll have some on Saturday.

5:30pm – We’ll meet at a local (outdoor) bar/restaurant to announce the contest winners, enjoy some dinner and drinks, and talk about our day.

I hope that covers the basics. Please feel free to call us at 216-574-8977 to ask any questions. Obviously, feel free to shoot what you want, when you want. We will be breaking up into 4 groups for each walk, each with a local guide. We cannot wait to see the amazing photographs that are captured this weekend!
See you soon!!!

New cameras stocked at Aperture

We are gearing up for spring and have recently stocked some outstanding cameras!
The Kodak Retina IIIC, the Yashica Electro 35, a Mamiya 1000DTL, plus a few limited edition SX70’s. We have also restocked our handcrafted Pinhole cameras!
Our store where you can purchase these cameras is located here, or stop in the store and play around!
Here’s a few pics:

The Yaschica Electro 35

The Mamiya 1000DTL

The Kodak Retina IIIC

The SX70 Sonar, Sky Blue Edition

The SX70, Brown Ostrich Edition


Studio Space Available to Photographers

Why keep it to ourselves?
Our studio space is now available for hourly/day rentals! The studio can be used for a variety of shoots, from portraits, body forms, and still life, to headshots, family photos, and pets. Whatever you have in mind! Call 216-574-8977.
We have both a black and white muslin backdrop, 2 softboxes, 1 video light, tripods, chairs, couches, props, and hardwood floors. The backdrops can be taken down and the room can be emptied to create some nice open space. The windows provide natural light, or move to the back to have complete control of your lighting. Finally, we have changing rooms and wash rooms.

You can use our equipment, or bring your own. You can also feel free to bring your own backdrops, props, or whatever you need to complete your project.

Here is the pricing:
Hourly rate: $50
Day rate: $200
Lighting rental: $50
Tripod rental: $10

Call 216-574-8977 to schedule your date and time.

Workshop Images

We had our first workshop this past Saturday, Impossible No More. It was a smashing success! After the workshop we turned everyone loose on our still life’s and models. I want to share my personal photos from the day. I used PX70 (not the test film) and the new PX100 (test film). A huge thanks to our outstanding models, Anthony and Ashley, and an even larger thanks to all that came out!!

Best of 2011… Aperture’s Flickr Group

2011… done.
so many great photos were uploaded into our Flickr Group (http://www.flickr.com/groups/aperturetremont/) and these are the best of the best.
only 10, but we could have added 20+ more.
we kept Aperture employees out of the loop, so these photos are entirely yours! great work folks!! outstanding.

Impossible No More… An Instant Workshop

We are stoked to finally announce our first workshop, specifically a workshop dedicated to Impossible Project film and original Polaroid cameras.
The Impossible Project has been creating new film for the original Polaroid cameras for over two years now. With that new film comes a entirely new way of shooting. As one of the few and privileged Impossible “Partner Store Plus” spaces in the USA, we want to share our knowledge with you, and offer you an exclusive look at the new film, tricks, and tips.

During this hands-on workshop we’ll be covering techniques of working with Impossible film and vintage Polaroid cameras. Our workshop will be ran by Aperture owner and photographer, Scott Meivogel, plus Cleveland Polaroid expert, Tim Logan. Tim shot for our One Hundred Impossible Portraits event, and has been featured in Cleveland Magazine for his instant photography.

Finally, 1/3 of the workshop will be spent photographing two live models dressed in perfect vintage attire. You’re guaranteed to leave with photographs that’ll knock your socks off, taken with the latest Impossible film!! If you have your own Polaroid camera, please feel free to bring it. If not, we’ll have loaner cameras for you to use while you’re here. Just let us know in advance.

Registration is $39.99 and includes a pack of Impossible film. We’ll also have some drinks and snacks. Registration can be completed by calling 216-574-8977, or purchasing on our website FOUND HERE.

SATURDAY, FEB. 4TH 2012 1PM-3:30PM


It’s Official… Our Darkroom is Now Open! Developing + Printing

No longer do you have to scan your negatives and digitally print your images. Give them the treatment they deserve!
We use eco-friendly chemicals, Ilford RC and Fiber-Base papers, and Omega enlargers.
You can ship your negatives to us, and of course, we’ll develop them and ship them right back.
Do you already have negatives you want printed? Great! Send them our way and we’ll ship you back the stunning prints.
4×6, 5×7, 5×5, 8×10 or 8×8… it’s your choice.
Well, for now call the store (if you want to talk to someone) and we’ll go over the process. It’s very simple. We’ll email you a form to print and fill out, then send it along with your negatives and you’ll be set!
Write us at aperturetremont@gmail.com and we’ll email the form. Read it over, follow the simple instructions and wait patiently by the mailbox. Please write DARKROOM REQUEST in the subject line.
We are so excited to be able to develop and print for you, the way it’s supposed to be done!

Polaroids with Sexy Santa and Mrs. Claus this Friday evening

This Friday (Dec 9th) from 6pm-9pm join us at Aperture for a super-sexy photo shoot!
What is better than having your Polaroid photo taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus? Having your Polaroid taken with a SEXY Santa and Mrs. Claus, plus their SEXY elf friend!
As part of Tremont’s BrewHaHa night, we’re welcoming you into our warm analog headquarters for a night of Polaroid photos. Tell Sexy Santa and Mrs. Claus that you have been naughty all year and get a special prize! What is that prize? Well, that’s up to them!

Our story in Films and Grains… Impossible films

If you would like to read the story, Mastering the Unexpected, we wrote for Issue #3 of Films and Grains you can click here.
It’s about the pleasure of shooting this “unexpected” film and the beauty that exposes, if shot the correct way. We cover all the film, up to the new PX70. It should help many of you, if you’re having trouble of course.

Click Here For the Story

New Gold Frame from Impossible Project


soon to be stocked! check this stuff out!
i was sent two packs, one color, one bw. i went with the bw first, using a sx70, nd filter, tripod, and close-up lens.

Sale on our Holiday Camera Kit this Friday!

Back again, the Limited Edition Holiday Camera Kit is a kit we created with The Impossible Project.
It contains a refurbished, original Polaroid 600 Series camera and a fresh pack of Impossible’s PX680 film.
This weekend only the Holiday Kits will be marked down from $99 to $79.
The box itself was designed by Anthony Zart, the same A. Zart that gave us his wonderful Grobin book series.
We only have 10 Holiday Kits this year, so get here on Friday or Saturday and make someone super-happy this season!

Anthony Zart’s Book Release: Grobin the Dog

Friday, November 11, 2011 6pm
Anthony Zart’s Book Release!

For several years now, local artist Anthony Zart has been developing the kids book Grobin The Dog – nostalgic fare that gives a great-big nod to the classic two-tone animation of the 1920′s and 30′s. The books follow the titular character Grobin on small adventures told in verse with hand painted illustrations to accompany the stories.

Aperture will be hosting the newest release of the series Home Sweet Home. Along with the exclusive book release, guests attending can expect a ton of original artwork, 3-d models and sketchbook materials. Plus, parents and kids of all ages can enjoy themed-treats from Sweets by Melissa as well as Aunt N’ Abbeys Bakery.

This is a free event being held on Friday, November 11th, starting at 6pm.

Current Film Stock & Darkroom News

Our DARKROOM is almost ready for processing and printing (with actual enlargers!), but for now, get yourself some beautiful film and shoot while you wait!
We will have a full service darkroom on-site. We’ll be able to process your 35mm and 120 film, plus print with stunning Ilford RC and Fiber Based papers.
Here’s what we currently have in stock:

35mm – Provia 100F (slide), Portra 160 & 400, HP5 Plus 400, Delta 100, Ektar 100, Lucky 200
120 – TMax 400, Provia 400X (slide), Portra 160 & 400, Delta 100/400/3200
Impossible – PZ680, PZ600 UV+, PX600 Black Frame, PX680, Softtone
Pack Film – Blue, Sepia, expired 664, Fuji 100C & 3000B
620 – Kodak Tmax 400 and Portra 400
127 – Efke 100

Dredgers Union: Danielle and Sean: Caught on Film

I went out to photograph Danielle and Sean, owners of Dredgers Union, for Positively Cleveland’s upcoming issue. While shooting, I asked them if I can come back with some film for another session. They kindly agreed.
Dredgers is one-of-a-kind, especially here in Cleveland. They are part of the huge movement of local Cleveland folk moving back into downtown and doing it in a way that is both unique and great for our city. They design and create their own private label of apparel and home goods, using ‘domestically produced values’ and their amazing abilities. So far, it’s the only quality lifestyle store located in the heart of Cleveland, in the E.4th neighborhood.
Danielle and Sean are both super-amazing folks with a real love for our city. Check them out asap!
The following photographs were captured using a Polaroid 250 and a Canon filled with Ilford 3200. Yes, 3200 in the daytime. I love the grain!!


Polaroid Walk: August 2011: Ohio City

Ohio City offers some great old buildings, vintage architecture, interesting folks, and plenty of photo opportunities. We strolled this unique neighborhood a couple of weeks ago strapped with Impossible film and Polaroids, ready for anything.
Here are a select choice instant photographs from that day. We’ll announce another walk very soon – we’re shooting for early October. Stay tuned!

“Welcome Back Cleveland” Sept 25th at Greenhouse Tavern

Cleveland has found itself, and in a big way. It’s taken decades of searching, but our time has come. Cleveland’s back! The city is vibrant, colorful, and at long last, happy.

Along with The Greenhouse Tavern and The Impossible Project, we are excited to present “Welcome Back Cleveland, an Analogue’s Perspective”.
For you, we have a major night and some serious fun planned! Myself, along with 5 other outstanding photographers, will be presenting photographs at The Greenhouse Tavern on E. 4th Street. A rooftop party is happening, with music from Lost Jon and The Ghosts (they have played our parties in the past), a Polaroid photo booth, drinks, and plenty of great folk.
This is happening on the 25th of September, after the Browns and Indians both play (and win!).

For the past month we have been documenting Cleveland, both new and old, with Holga and Diana cameras. Those choice images will be on display, plus, on the day of the party, the 6 of us will hit the streets of Cleveland with Polaroid cameras. The photos we take that day will go on display at 6pm! Straight from the camera to the wall!
This is sure to be a true analogue party, which is not to be missed. The Greenhouse has the best food and drink in the city!
Here is the Facebook event page
This beautiful poster was designed by Cleveland’s own, Anthony Zart.

Polaroid Walk #2 Announced! Registration begins now.

Yes indeed! Our second Polaroid Walk is scheduled for August 23rd at 5:30pm.
This time we’ll be headed to the very unique Ohio City!!
You can find the info on the Facebook event page, where you can also RSVP and ask any question you may have.
That link can be found HERE.
Also, here is a link to our first Polaroid Walk. The photos were amazing! LINK


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